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Our Responses to these Changes

Get Greening Grey Britain by growing a wider range of plants, especially tender ornamentals and edible plants, to take advantage of the longer growing season.

Incorporate design features such as rain gardens or dry gardens with suitable plants to cope with the predicted change in conditions.

Plant & Irrigation System

Capture and store rainwater in water butts and larger storage tanks to ensure a sufficient water supply over the summer.

Flower Impressions August 2020.jpg
Orange Butterfly 2

Look out for pests and diseases, particularly new threats, and control them as soon as you see them. Nonchemical methods, such as pruning and biological controls, have the least negative impact on the environment.

To increase the number of pollen and nectar sources, plant a diverse variety of pollinator-friendly native and non-native plants with different flowering times, for example by using plants from the RHS Perfect for Pollinators lists

Baby Owl August 2020.jpg
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