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Gorgeous Gardens - some encouraging photographs from members at this difficult time.

Jane 2.JPG

Some September thoughts from Jane Ward

During “COVID time” I saw different plants for sale on The Wall at The Rise in Holloway and decided to try some!

Here are tomato Black Russian,San Marzano and aubergine Pot Black!
What did I do with the harvest?....
This ratatouille.....the baby aubergines are delicious ....and with their beautiful flowers looked most attractive in the greenhouse!

The other plant new to me was a squash called  Tahiti  Melon. The plant is now about seven metres long and still growing!(I think it may be a triffid!) It will soon be soup!

Added 12 June  from Jane Ward

Low growing Iris



Canadensis sanguineum

Iris unguicularis

Jane Fothergilla.JPG

Fothergilla major

Added 3 June  from Chris Hibberd

An unusual late Spring flowering bulb - Scilla Peruviana.

Happiest in a shady spot - flowers shrivelled in a more open location.

chris scilla.jpg
fiona 3.jpg
fiona iris.jpg

Before and After

And a few little corners of the garden.  I love the little irises, although not sure what variety they are.



Fiona 1.jpg
fiona 2.jpg

At this time of year, the garden is still waking up so it looks best in close up!

Fiona Folan

fiona rose.jpg
Shadow on Concrete Wall

My quince tree grown from a pip. The tree is now around 25 years old and yielding around 10 kg quince per year in a sunny summer.

diane tree.jpeg

Added 31 May  from Diane Kerry

Clematis spooneri, used on a fence to hide the compost heaps

Diane rose.jpeg
diane mole.jpeg

The mole coming up in our compost heap, obviously the worms are too much of a temptation.

spencer 15.jpg
spencer 7.jpg
spencer 11.jpg
spencer 9.jpg
spencer 8.jpg
spencer 4.jpg
spencer 6.jpg
spencer 13.jpg
spencer 14.jpg
spencer 2.jpg
spencer 3.jpg
spencer 12.jpg
spencer 5.jpg

Added 31 May

This was to be a DLHSS Garden visit on Fri 19th June. Instead you can admire the following photos

It is a deceptively large and “full of everything” beautiful garden in Wirksworth lovingly cultivated by Mr and Mrs. Spencer .

Added 27 May

Julies rhodies2.jpeg
Julies rhodies1.jpeg

Our rhododendrons have been gorgeous this year, they all came as babies from Lea Gardens . Hope all the members are enjoying their gardens in this lovely weather . Julie Overend 

Julies rhodies3.jpeg
Clematis alpina.JPG

Clematis alpina ‘Diamond Jubilee’ - Chris H

clematis macropetal.JPG
clematis cord.JPG
Clematis armani.JPG

Anemone nemorosa ‘Robertsoniana Chris H

Clematis macropetala Chris H

Clematis cartmanii ‘Avalanche’ Chris H

Clematis koreana ‘Broughton Bride Chris H.

Added 15 April


Added 9 April

A few pictures of our garden which we hope will cheer everyone up. Is Summer at last on its way? Keep safe.
Best wishes to everyone from John and Betty

Bettison 4.jpg
Bettison 3.jpg

Added 12 April

Before and after photos from Malcolm Rowell.

He sends his best wishes to all his old friends in Derbyshire.

Rowell after.jpg
Epidimedium Cath.jpg
Erythromium Cath.jpg

More Jewels from Cathryn Frost

Erythromium Pagoda


Narcissus Cath.jpg


 Narcissus..”.Thalia“...around the apple tree.- Jane Ward

White Pasqueflower flower....Pulsatillaa - Jane Ward

chris butterfly.jpg
chris 1.JPG
chris trill 2.JPG
chris trillium.JPG

 Tortoiseshell butterfly enjoying the sun  - and the nectar of the Anemone blanda- Chris Hibberd

 .An unusual narcissus N.Spoirot - Chris Hibberd

 Trillium chloropetalum v. giganteum.
Delighted with this as I grew them from seed, probably about 8 years ago! Only planted in the ground about 5 years ago and finally beginning to look mature. Gardeners have to be patient!
Note the arrangement of flower parts and leaves - which explains the name. - Chris Hibberd

chris 3 heibore.JPG

A shaggy-flowered  Hellebore hybrid. Chris Hibberd

Chris 2.jpg

 An early pasque flower; Pulsillata ‘Bell’s red’- Chris Hibberd

A few pictures of my garden in South Wingfield - from Fiona Folan 

At this time of year, the garden is still waking up so it looks best in close up!

Jewels from Anne Clements

A note from Diane Kerry

 I shall miss the meetings and other events while the Covid-19 crisis is happening but look forward to the return of normality when we all have an opportunity to get together again.  

The planter looks wonderful and should inspire us all to keep finding space, peace and tranquillity in our gardens and the great outdoors,

I have already found that the birds sound louder and I can hear the bumblebees again.   Perhaps this will give us all an opportunity to go slowly and enjoy the simple things in life.


 Jane Ward’s email:

These lovelies are blooming in odd spots all over the garden.Some are brashly red and some really deep blue but I favour these gentle ones!

Jane anemones.jpg

I now have new supports for my Autumn raspberries, a very “weed-free-almost”! and a lot of inches of 4 ply knitting done!

My tiny garden gives me a lot of pleasure.- Chris Saunders

Epymedium Amber Queen  ---  Cathryn Frost

Ipheion Alberto Costillo - seems very happy in our free draining soils.- Chris Hibberd


Found by Cathryn Frost on Church Street. Probably an Oxlip (likes open woodland?)

Cowslip and Primrose from Cowgate for comparison. Note the orange marking inside the cowslip. All Jewels of Spring.



The Planter is a gift from the Society to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

 The outside dimensions are1,200mm long x 530mm deep x 600mm high. The internal dimensions are 1000mm x 330mm x 600mm and give a soil volume of 200 litres.

The sleepers are tanalised and will last for many years. We will add some more permanent plants in the spring. 


Richard Grover is our Project Manager. He can be contacted at

Project planter.jpeg
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