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The Society is very proud to to be associated with the Lea Forest School.

Lea Primary School was awarded 5 stars from the Royal Horticultural Society. This is the highest RHS rating awarded to schools.

Thanks go to senior teacher Glyn Woodruff, all the volunteers from the school and village community, including this Society.

With their help, dramatic improvements are being made to the school grounds. Community Volunteers provide assistance with craft activities giving excellent learning opportunities to the school.

Follow this link to Glyn's beautiful farewell gift to the school. Signed copies are now available from the Village Shop

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Recently the Society was invited to learn more about the Forest School . This was a memorable occasion with an introduction by Glyn, explaining the celebrated history of the school  and illustrating the numerous improvements to the gardens. The evening ended with delicious hot dogs and pizza. 

If you would like to join the Society's team helping in the garden, please contact Chris Hibberd on 07989 459567.

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