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Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the four highest-emitting industries, including households, UK, 1990 to 2018

Source: Office for National Statistics – UK Environmental Accounts

Million tonnes Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

CO2 emmissions 1990.jpg
CO2 emmissions 2018.jpg

Zero Net Carbon by 2030 ?

In summary the 2018 figures suggest 410 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent gasses are produced each year in the UK with 36% from households (heating and transport mainly). For a UK adult population of 40 million suggests some 4 tonnes per person or around 10 tonnes per household per year.

The Household rate of generation has increased by 3% over the 1990 to 2018 period. This compares with an increase of 31% in the Transport and Storage area with reductions of 56% and 53% in the Electricity and Manufacturing areas.

The zero carbon footprint for your household.

This US website suggests that at the 10 tonnes/year average household GHG production rate we need some 700  trees per household (each tree consuming ~14 kg CO2/year) just to offset our UK household footprint. Wood burning is not included in this calculation - 1 tonne of wood generates some 2 tonnes of GHG. This wood may be considered carbon neutral only if

An alternative measure of your footprint is by the Woodland Trust website -see  below.

Analyses from the Center for Alternative Technology
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