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The Effects of the Changes

Warmer springs and autumns will extend the growing season and, therefore, some species will flower earlier and some will experience delayed leaf colouring or leaf fall in autumn. Maintenance tasks such as weeding and mowing will also be extended into these periods.

Extreme rainfall events will increase waterlogging and flooding, and also the rate at which nutrients, particularly nitrogen, are washed out of the soil. Combined with heat stress, this could lead to a reduction in plant growth.

Plant & Irrigation System

Hot and dry spells are projected to increase, which could result in less water being freely available in the growing season to support optimum growth.

Warmer and damper conditions are expected to allow some existing pests and diseases to extend their range to additional areas of the UK. These conditions also increase the likelihood that introduced pests and diseases will become established in the UK

Evidence suggests that the flowering time of plants will be affected, and this may no longer coincide with the active feeding period of an associated pollinator.

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