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Summaries of an RHS report  on Climate Change are included in the tabs behind this page and the full Report is obtained by clicking this button.

Your Carbon Footprint

During the 25 September GBGW event in Holloway, we used a spreadsheet originally produced by

Twenty-three responses have been analysed.

This is a report on the analysis of the responses.



This is a spreadsheet of all the responses included in the analysis.



Please use this spreadsheet if you would like to review your carbon footprint. You can also send a copy of this after completion to for inclusion in any subsequent analysis of the DLH returns



The DLH Climate Change Group

Sarah Crossley, the lead Councillor on Climate Change, has formed a small group who are working together to develop the strategy and initiate relevant actions.

Sarah would love to hear from you. Please contact Sarah at

For further information on how to reduce your Carbon Footprint please download the following Fact Sheets:-

Cloudy Mountain

The DLH Parish Council's Climate Change Policy - October 2020

Dethick Lea and Holloway Parish Council acknowledges that climate change is one of the largest challenges facing the world and also recognises that it is a key influencing body that can act on this. Therefore, it is essential that this Parish Council helps to proactively facilitate the protection of our local environment, heritage and natural beauty. This needs to be delivered in a way that promotes sustainability, healthy living and also prosperity within the Parish. Through this mutually sustainable approach to living in the Parish, we can help ensure that it is continued to be enjoyed by future generations indefinitely.

In recognising this, and to lead the way with positive action, this Parish Council resolves to:

• Adopt a Climate Change Action Strategy - setting out an action plan and targets to reduce carbon emissions.

• Promote and embed sustainable and energy efficient practices where possible.

• Embed the principle of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink’ throughout the Parish.

• Consider ways to protect and enhance our natural environment, stimulate biodiversity and nurture our wildlife and pollinators.

• Organise community action events and work with our partners, businesses, schools, communities, residents and other Councils to promote behavioural change and develop new ideas and co-ordinated responses to climate change and plastic pollution.

• Explore new opportunities and technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.

• Provide for a working group to report and monitor on immediate and longer term actions to be taken

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