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Photos from the 10 June visit to  Walton Cottage Garden,
The garden was full of colour and interest and we had
beautiful sunny weather.

The clotted cream, jam and scones were  superb and very much appreciated.

June 2022 visit 2.jpg
June 2022 visit 1.jpg
June 2022 visit 3.jpg
June 2022 visit P1.jpg

For further information, please contact Cathryn Frost, either by phone (01629 534066) or by email (

Photos from our garden visit on 8 July 2022.

This was an afternoon garden visit to Mr and Mrs Gardener, Tilford House, Hognaston, Ashbourne DE6 1 PW

This is a one and a half acre English country garden . It has woodland, wildlife areas , alpine beds and ponds. 

Garden visit 8 July 2022.jpg
Garden visit 8 July 2022(3).jpg

Thank you very much Chris S for organising - A great visit as always

Garden visit 8 July 2022(2).jpg

 Now what was that plant again?

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